Why choose Aktis?

Carefully checked data and quality analysis is why we are a leader in bank governance support.

Among North American Global Systemically Important Banks, only 55% disclose that there is oversight of Conduct Risk at board level. Moreover, 66% disclose that the board regularly reviews the code of conduct/ethics and its implementation. Request a sample report here to discover more about why we are the Go-To-Bank Governance Data Platform and how we enhance Conduct Risk and Compliance Risk decision-making.


Conduct risk

Conduct risk is the risk that arises from firm behavior that negatively impacts customers. The cost to banks has meant conduct risk at the top of the board agenda. Click the button to view a free Aktis Insight on conduct risk in the banking sector.

Managing the Three Lines of Defense

The three lines of defense include front office management, the risk management function and internal audit. Recognised as international best practice, banks are required to have a robust internal controls system to allow for an efficient three lines of defense. Click the button to view a free Aktis Insight on the three lines of defense in the banking sector.