3 June 2019

Head of Glencore's oil operations set to retire

New departure in executive team comes as company faces corruption probe.

1 June 2019

Governance in Chinese companies raise concerns for investors

The lack of an investor stewardship code in China may be one of the reasons behind lack of progress in corporate governance

31 May 2019

£1.89m fine in relation to outsourcing failings and Raphaels Bank

Raphaels Bank has previously received another fine in 2015 for improper outsourcing controls

30 May 2019

Proposed FCA - Renault merger could result in governance dispute for Board representation

The French government and Nissan are expected to demand representation on the board of the combined company.

29 May 2019

Climate-related proposals at ExxonMobil AGM fall short of being adopted despite support from smaller shareholders

Shareholder proposals on climate risks fail to receive the support of US institutional investors.

23 May 2019

Lloyd's CEO Antonio Horta-Osorio to appear before parliament

Lloyds CEO will appear before members of the work and pensions committee together with Stuart Sinclair, chair of the bank’s remuneration committee.

22 May 2019

Government Commission adopts new version of German CG Code

New version of the German Corporate Governance code been published.

22 May 2019

New Belgium remuneration provisions in 2020 Corporate Governance Code

New provisions on directors' and executives' remuneration for listed Belgian companies

21 May 2019

JP Morgan executive pay policies receive support from 72% of shareholders

Fewer shareholders voted in favour of the bank’s pay policies, following questions on how bonuses are determined.

21 May 2019

Stephen Clarke to step down as WH Smith CEO

WH Smith CEO will resign in October after being with the company for 15 years.

20 May 2019

Goldman Sachs picks Mazars to audit its European operations

New EU rules on audit force Goldman Sachs to look beyond big four for its new European auditor.

17 May 2019

Nissan to overhaul board

Nissan's new board will comprise 11 members, 7 of which are external directors.

16 May 2019

Further investigations into Samsung executives misconduct

Executives at Samsung ordered staff to destroy evidence related to the 2015 accounting fraud.

16 May 2019

KPMG UK to form a new Audit Executive Committee

Changes fall short of operational split recommended by watchdog.

16 May 2019

Five banks to pay €1.1 billion in fines for manipulating the foreign exchange market

Barclays, Citigroup, JP Morgan, MUFG, and RBS have been charged by the European Union for their role in manipulating the FX market.