14 January 2020

Towards a Viable Viability Statement

The viability statement that UK listed companies are required to produce under the UK Corporate Governance Code has been taking a bit of a bashing recently

2 December 2019

CEO pay ratio - will it make any difference?

Two years on from gender pay reporting and with executive pay in the spotlight more than ever, will 2020 executive pay reporting regulation make a difference?

18 November 2019

UK Stewardship Code: Implementation matters

What does the new Code mean for companies? That depends on how investors choose to respond. The real test of any code is not how well it is written, but how well it is implemented.

2 October 2019

Time to catch up: corporate governance in private companies

When they report in 2019, UK private companies of a certain size will have to explain their governance arrangements in greater detail than before.

24 July 2019

Are boards spreading themselves too thin?

Boards are expected to manage an ever-evolving list of responsibilities. Having boards more immersed in different areas of concern is very much welcomed but the challenge of staying focused on their core responsibilities must be addressed.

9 July 2019

Should your board include a representative from the workforce?

In 2016, during her campaign for the leadership of the Conservative Party, Theresa May spoke about “making Britain a country that works for everyone, not just the privileged few”. To achieve this, she proposed requiring listed companies to appoint employee representatives on the board.

9 July 2019

Section 172 Revisited: Are boards acting in the best interest of their stakeholders after all?

Along with the implementation of the 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code, new reporting obligations under section 172 of the UK’s Companies Act 2006 have been introduced under the Companies (Miscellaneous Reporting) Regulations 2018.

17 June 2019

Five Red Flags that may signal poor governance practices

Red flags that could be indicators of potential negative consequences for the company's long-term prosperity and shareholder value creation.

31 May 2019

Send in the clones

Shareholders lean on audit committees to be their representatives in discussions with the auditors. Around the world, there are concerns whether audit is fit for purpose and effective in responding to the needs of shareholders and other users of corporate reporting.

20 May 2019

Cyber expertise on the boards of US banks remains low

Banks recognise the importance of tackling cybersecurity risks and spend billions of dollars to this end, however, their boards lack the necessary expertise to oversee cyber risks.